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AC - Red Bull Ring - BMW M3 E30 DTM 1992 - online race

JO Simracing
Quite a race in Red Bull Ring with the BMW M3 E30 DTM 1992. There were a group of very competitive drivers and one (Johan R.) that was at a different level. 2nd was the only option ;)
I had a terrible start as failed to engage 1st gear on green! Down to P8 and a lot of work to do in a more complicated field... Then I was lucky after an incident that probably involved a wrecker (still a few although the KMR system is filtering a lot!)
The fight with Balzac was intense and clean. It really was a fun race. Hope you enjoy.
  1. Nick Hill
    Nick Hill
    Great driving, nice work! Especially impressed w/your footwork.
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