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AC - Nordschleife - Porsche 911s vs. Nissan Nismo - 100% AI track day

JO Simracing
Testing the AI flood system with CM and getting a good conf for the spawning settings. It's getting close to online track days but without the wreckers... Enjoy!
Save in the second lap at Flugplatz, check it from 09:02 was epic!
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  2. Alex72
    1:13 Where does the blue BMW go after you pass it? :D It doesnt show up behind you.
  3. JO Simracing
    JO Simracing
    It's there behind me... Although I change the external camera to the Nissan in front, which is a bit too far and you can barely see my porsche in the distance... But a little bit later (1:41 in Aremberg) you can it is still there.
    However, the AI flood system is meant to remove some of the AI once they get further away from the lead car...

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