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AC - Nordschleife 65 - F1 1967 Ferrari 312 - 2 laps 100% AI race - TV old

JO Simracing
I think this video effect (see below) to make the videos look old is getting there. Obviously I should remove all the remaining overlays in the screen and, perhaps, also the spotter/crew chief which wouldn't have been there in those days.
How do you like these old combos in the old TV style?

I use the colorchannelmixer option in ffmpeg to get this effect: colorchannelmixer=.393:.769:.189:0:.349:.686:.168:0:.272:.534:.131

And also I add some noise to the image with: noise=alls=13:allf=t
It has also the unintended effect of increasing the size of the mp4 file significantly. I suppose the noise makes more difficult achieving the standard levels of compression for the mp4...

In this race, I start from pits (to give some advantage to the AI) and get soon into an overtake feast...

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