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AC - New Jersey Motorsports Park - BMW Z4 GT3 - 98% AI race

JO Simracing
Continuing learning the track with a modern GT3 car. Quite a different driving approach to the Maserati 250F...

The BMW Z4 GT3, which was officially launched and completed its first test drives at the start of March, is already enjoying great popularity among BMW Motorsport customers. The first cars have been delivered to private BMW teams, who will prepare them for use in various national and international championships.

More here: http://http://notworking.url/car/bmw_z4_gt3
  1. paul carter
    paul carter
    Jose .. your front left tyre is hot ..!
    I’ve heard that spotter in rFactor 2 didn’t know it was in Assetto Corsa as well.. do you have any links for that mod? Nice driving by the way.. those pedals make me drool ..
    JO Simracing likes this.
  2. JO Simracing
    JO Simracing
    The spotter is Crew Chief and it is available in, almost, every sim. You can download it here: thecrewchief.org
    It is absolutely top. I feel now lonely if driving without it... ;)

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