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AC - Mugello - GT40 (vs F40, Ruf) - Online race 2 (Poetic justice)

JO Simracing
Poetic justice was served yesterday at Mugello with, not only an unexpected podium, but stealing it in style from the very perpetrator of the harassment in the initial turns of the first lap. The 'incident' removed all chances for a win but gave me much fun coming from the back of the grid... I couldn't believe when, in the final lap of the race, there he was: "the perpetrator" of the indecent push in T3 of the race. Struggling and converted into a poetic justice pray to hunt for the late overtake. And what a way of coming in front. Sometimes, not very often, simracing gives you this back... And you just enjoy and relax. ;) XD XD

My thanks to HAL for the Drivers Paradise server (and to EAO Hector that I think was managing it on his behalf?)
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  2. Glaurung
    The way you rejoin the track at 0:53 after the incident is not poetic, causing another incident.
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  3. JO Simracing
    JO Simracing
    Glaurung, I'm sorry but you are wrong. I brake as I see other drivers coming. Then, I rejoin without affecting the cars that pass by before I join. They crashed because of the Ruf's driver poor control of the situation, not because of me. If you understand something about racing, you should see that.
  4. Glaurung
    They crashed because of your risky rejoining action, the green Ford is clerarly moving left to avoid you, and the Ruf ram it.
    In real life such a manouvre would cost you a arsh sanction.
    I don't want to argue about who understand more of racing, it's just a matter of different opinions.
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  5. JO Simracing
    JO Simracing
    In that we agree. Let's not discuss for this. All the best.
  6. sebduloiret
    i think that you have make a mistake when you have make the video .... the first lap seems to be on wreckfest no ?
  7. JO Simracing
    JO Simracing
    @Glaurung I should apologise for my final remark on my first comment. A bit unfortunate and not conducing to a good discussion. I was somehow upset for what I considered an unfair judgement... This doesn't deserve more time but I just prepared a short video from the green GT40 and Ruf POV for your perusal if you wish to watch it. I think it makes more clear my argument and gives better information to judge. All the best. [MEDIA=youtube]NMwkwilGxyQ[/MEDIA]
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  8. JO Simracing
    JO Simracing
    @Glaurung Not sure if you can watch the video from the previous link... Perhaps this works better? youtu.be/NMwkwilGxyQ
  9. Glaurung
    You've nothing to apologize Jose.
    I've seen the video, it's more clear, and I get your point.
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