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AC - LA Canyons - Ferrari FXX K - Hypercars - 100% AI lap

JO Simracing
1 lap around the normal loop at LA Canyons with the hypercars Ferrari 599XXe and FXX K, McLaren P1 GTR and Pagani Zonda. I managed to overtake the whole grid although it was getting quite hard against the McLaren P1 in the last section of the loop (don't really know it well yet). There was a second lap (only because 2 are the minimum for a race in AC). It didn't finish well. I had massive degradation on my tyres and the AIs didn't seem to have suffered much and were pushing hard. I could keep up and, actually, get a 1.5 sec advantage in the first section, but on the fast second section of the loop the McLaren and another FXX K caught me, harassed me and through me out of the track :(.
It was great fun though. Amazing cars in this amazing track. Incredibly fast. Enjoy!

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