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[60 FPS] Racer Free Car Simulator - Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Tuned (Drag Spec)

Raphael Buthmann
Carlswood NT - Turbo Script + Lauch Control + Burnout script.
  1. 2stains
    Are you running this on a potato and lowest settings or does this game just look that bad?
  2. Raphael Buthmann
    Raphael Buthmann
    Why don't you try constructive comments?
  3. 2stains
    Im not sure my 1070 could run it .lol
    I'm joking Mate , lighten up a little .
    I was genuanly asking if it looks that bad or if it was that you had it turned right down to run @ 60fps .
  4. Raphael Buthmann
    Raphael Buthmann
    The game itself is very light and doesnt focus on graphics features.
    I always put a little Reshade to improve Racer's basic effects.

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