#1NSANE [PC, 2000] #Review - It's a #PixelTHING - Ep. 93

16 years ago I stumbled, by accident, upon 1NSANE and simply couldn’t resist to its amazing cover! And the sentence “No Limits, No Rules, No Roads” instantly grabbed me!
By then, I was a huge fan of multiplayer over network, so playing 1NSANE with friends was a really fun thing to do!
Let’s take a look!

If you're installing from the original disc, after the full install, please download the official 1NSANE "patch 2" from the following link and the game will work flawlessly: http://www.4players.de/4players.php/download_info/Downloads/Download/2193/Insane/Patch__2.html

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  1. Philipp Koch
    Philipp Koch
    this game was quite fun back there :D
    PixelTHING likes this.
  2. PixelTHING
    Love it! I still play it ;)
    Thanks for watching!
    Philipp Koch likes this.

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