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Porsche @ Monza

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  1. Tony Gentile
    Tony Gentile
    looking good
  2. Peter
    What mod is that?
    The game looks still very good.
  3. Andy Kettler
    Andy Kettler
    The Mod is part of the Weissbierbuden installation. And i used Sweetfx ;)
  4. Gavin Hendley
    Gavin Hendley
    How are you taken your pics? stupid question I know
  5. Andy Kettler
    Andy Kettler
    Mostly with Fraps or MSI Afterburner.
    Gavin Hendley likes this.
  6. Gavin Hendley
    Gavin Hendley
    In race 07 how do you get rid of the rev clock on the bottom right in the re-plays, and thanks for the reply:)
  7. Peter
    In the menu or map a button on the wheel (that's what I do).
    Gavin Hendley likes this.
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