Zossen International Raceway 0.7 Revert

Fast Fictional Circuit - My first track

  1. Flipdo3
    This is my first track and first upload here. I usually dabble in skinning, and graphic design aspects of mods, however I really wanted to create my own tracks. Expect MANY problems. It was tested with the ASR Formula Ferrari 643 (1991), which is great to drive around this circuit. My aim was to create a fast and exciting track.
    Ferrari 312T goes through "S bends" (corner names in trackmap, shown further down)

    This is a fictional circuit which i have created using RTB. The track is an incredibly early build, with many issues.

    View from "Schumacher" looking to "Senna"

    Known Issues (0.2)
    - no ai (fixed 0.4)
    - no cameras (fixed 0.4)
    - no race line (fixed 0.4)
    - no collisions (fixed 0.7)
    - track too bright on some time settings (fixed 0.7)
    - basic menu info (length, width etc) not present
    - Around "Bancaire" and "Memorial Corner" the track is not straight (Memorial Corner fixed: 0.3)
    - Most of the track is very smooth. Bumps are present around "S Bends", "Senna" and "Fangio" (0.3 adds Tor and Brandenburg)
    - Crowd only present at the start/finish grandstand (not planning to add more at the present moment)

    Currently working on:
    - bumps
    - overall details

    View from above the pits, looking at "S Bends" and "Schumacher"

    Feedback much appreciated, but please give reasons for criticisms, e.g rather than saying "it is terrible" say "I do not like the amount of elevation change in this track, which brings it down"

    Anyone who can help me with cameras / ai, please dont hesitate. I do not have a wheel currently and so cannot provide a smooth lap for an ai to follow :)
    Please expect nothing more than the basic layout. Here is the track map: [​IMG]
    Updates will be applied once the content has been improved enough until the project reaches 1.0, and hopefully, a fully functional circuit :)

    Anyone who downloads, i may make the walls further away. Do you think this would be a good decision?
    Hope you enjoy.
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Recent Reviews

  1. ALB123
    Version: 0.7 Revert
    It's a real shame that you won't be able to continue working on this Dream Circuit you've come up with. I really enjoy the flow of the track. I'm a big sucker for elevation changes. Love em! :-)

    There really isn't any point offering any suggestions at this point since you have stated this will be it's final version. Good job for a first track. I hope to see you continuing to make more tracks in the future.
  2. Deswribilator
    Version: 0.4
    thank you
  3. Fanapryde
    Version: 0.2
    Agree on the points André 57 already mentioned. I would get rid of the white line in the middle of the track and replace at least some of the concrete walls by crash barriers. Tribunes are very massive, and less Zossen signs would not hurt either. If you are going to add spectators, which would be fine for me (others may differ) I would like some better figures.
    Trees are obvious ly cardboard looking at some places, good looking at other spots.
    The car does not follow the track map (like a GPS that lost it's way ;-)
    Could very well become a nice track to race on, despite it being fictional.
    1. Flipdo3
      Author's Response
      thanks for raising these points. unfortunately on RTB you have to choose road types, and i chose double lane city roads, so the texture repeats! i cant actually remove the middle line without removing all of the lines :/
  4. André 57
    André 57
    Version: 0.2
    Good start, I like elevation changes and layout. Like you mentioned surfafe need som additionnal work, it is actualy too smooth and even all arround. Lighting must be adjust some place are realy too bright. A little work on detail and it will be a realy nice track. Very promessing.

    Ty for sharing
    1. Flipdo3
      Author's Response
      thanks for your review. apart from the road, is there anything else that is too bright?
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