ZB's 2016 Michelin Tyres 1.0

An alternate take for the new 2016 Season

  1. Zibi
    Michelin LogoHalfTop.png
    MotoGP15X64 2016-03-21 12-49-48-90.jpg MotoGP15X64 2016-03-21 12-49-37-64.jpg MotoGP15X64 2016-03-21 12-52-12-22.jpg

    • A more accurate to life representation of the 2016 Michelin tyre livery
    • Soft, Hard and Wet option tyres
    • Reworked so the inside of the tyres look much smoother, no more Bridgestone style ridges
    • Modified normal and mask textures so the Michelin Sticker now stands out correctly against the rubber
    • Rubber now features a dull sheen that peters out towards the edges of tyres
    • 1K textures (same as vanilla resolution)

    ZBMichelin4.jpg MotoGP15X64 2016-03-21 12-50-09-00.jpg MotoGP15X64 2016-03-21 12-53-25-32.jpg
    Michelin LogoHalfBottom.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Giovaneveterano
    Version: 1.0
    That's a good job, really nice.