Yas Marina Circuit by Tiago Lima ONLY new Track Limits + new AI + new TV Camera + DRS zones 0.97

A fresh up for Tiago's Yas Marina

  1. leclettico
    Assetto Corsa Screenshot 2018.08.06 -

    • New Track Limits
    • New AI
    • new TV cam
    • new DRS zones
    • Pits fully functional
    In this track AI was broken and there weren't TV cam and DRS zones
    I build up a line that doesn't interferes with the track holes but that is fast enough.

    Now the track it's driveable offline.

    ***The holes are still present on the track. I didn't touch the 3D model. Only the AC data.***
    ***DRS signs are still not present.***

    original track: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/yas-marina-circuit.2696/
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Recent Reviews

  1. ljoviedo71
    Version: 0.97
    gracias amigo !!!
  2. Paulo Ribeiro
    Paulo Ribeiro
    Version: 0.96
    AI sems ok, but pits are not working.
    1. leclettico
      Author's Response
      So strange. Let me test again.
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