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Yamaha Fictional Team 2 HD 1.0


  1. Thimoty Decrans
    Fictional Yamaha Team


    Lorenzo Fiat bike in HD
    Lorenzo suit
    Rossi Bike in HD
    racenumbers in HD

    Install: Copy the folder MOTOGP, place it in your (unzipped) modding folder and let overwrite,next repack your MOTOGP.Mix
    Read below on how to...

    Thnx to ML for the 3Dmodels/Psd files
    More skins on www.zelimper.com

    No more mixfiles,To big to upload so as of now im just gonna release the .DDS files for you to pack.
    this is much easyer for me, and for you, that way you can have multiple custom liveries in there from other modders.
    How To use Mixfile Remixer

    1-Open the program Mixfile ReMixer (download the program here http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/mixfile-remixer.71456/)

    2- First tab "Extract Files" this only needs to be done the first time,
    this will unpack all the files that are in the selected mixfile, if u have done this allready you can skip the next steps.

    3-In the first tab To extract files, click on the "Browse" button, browse to your motogp directory and select the "MOTOGP.MIX"

    4- same tab but below in the screen, "Destination Directory"/this is the destination where it will unpack your Motogp.mix file.
    (best if u create a folder "Modding" in the original motogp folder.
    5- Check "Extract all files in mixfile" and check Uncompress Packed Files aswell.
    you can now press "Extract Files", and the motgp.mix will extrackt in a seperate motogp folder in the modding folder.

    6-now in your modding folder where you have extracted the MOTOGP.MIX file, there are now
    a few folders from the extraction,
    these folders contains the raw .DDS files that you can now replace.
    For example, if you want to edit/replace the Yamaha Factory team
    you must go to //Modding folder/MOTOGP/BIKES/BIKE002

    7-after you edit or replace the files(noted in my read me's) you must open Mixfile remixer again
    but now on the 2nd Tab "Create new mixfile"
    Browse to your Modding folder and select the MOTOGP folder,Below in the screen you must select "MIXFILE FORMAT "SBK-X/V8" , under there you brose to your Moto gp folder
    and Select the MOTOGP.MIX file,Click the "PACK NEW MIXFILE" button and DONE!

    there is also a movie on how to use Mixfile remixer for those who cant seem to get it..
    Have fun modding.

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