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Xbox 360/Xbox One Controller profile (Better 1:1 wheel to stick feel) 1.2

For Formula and GT cars.

    Important things highlighted in the pictures.

    Basic settings:
    Steering rate: 10%
    Speed sensitivity: 74%
    Controller steering sensitivity: 25%
    Controller deadzone: 20%

    Steering wheel range locked to 180°.
    Vehicle set range disabled.

    ALSO IMPORTANT: I heavily recommend to set and use the wheel range (lock) in every car. You can find it at the "SETUP Screen - GENERAL" tab. Set the value between: 310° - 450°. The lower the better.


    I personally use 310°, sometimes 360-410°. (Varies car to car.)
    In very tight street tracks with hairpins like the Lowe's at Monaco, or Macau's Melco hairpin i recommend to use 360°+.

    Video showcase:

    Steam controller:

    Normal XBOX controller:

    This is the best/most natural controller setting i made in the past 3 years for rF2.
    Works with XBOX360/XBOX One + PS4/Steam controller.
    If you want to use the GYRO sensor then remove the deadzone.

    Key mappings:
    Y - TC Override (Great for getting out of tight pits / race start)
    B - Headlights
    X - Gear Down
    A - Gear Up

    Left Stick - Steering
    Left Trigger - Brake
    Right Trigger - Gas
    LB - Secondary cameras - Hood, windshield, rear spoiler, etc.
    RB - Look back
    Start - Pit Limiter
    Back - In-car cameras

    Right Stick - Cycle LCD Screen modes
    Left D-PAD - Moving in the LCD Screen

    Works great with modern GT3/GTE/LMP and even with Formula and Touring cars.


    Copy & paste the file here:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\UserData\Controller
    Then load it up in the game. Have fun!

    Additional extra:

    If you don't like how the cockpit moves around you while cornering or braking then set look ahead, exaggerate yaw & head physics to 0%. + Set head vibration to OFF.
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    Version: 1.2
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    Version: 1.1
    Thank you so much! So many bogus lame "controller fixes" out there but this is the best.

    RF2 is okay with a controller but the minor tweaks made it perfect!
  3. alice3d
    Version: 1.1
    Thanks, works great
  4. darder
    Version: 2018-07-16
    Thank you.
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