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WTCC 2017 - Elysee Update Addon - Ma Qing Hua 2017-11-12

WTCC 2017 Update for AMS - Ma Qing Hua's Citroen Elysee

  1. ARTeam
    // Sorry, wrong Thread, It's a Skin. Saw it too late. //

    First of All,
    This is my first Paint I created and shared. Its the Comeback
    Car of Ma Qing Hua #30 - He drives at Macau next week
    in the WTCC for Sebastien Loeb Racing.
    The Template of this Car is really Strange, so i do my best
    and I really hope you like it.

    Big Thanks and Credits are going to --- > Chabalian <---
    for his great Chinese Logo on the Car.
    He create this Logo exclusively for me and makes
    it possible to finish this Paint.
    Thank You Chabalian :)

    Extract this Archive and copy these Files to

    Will Create the other Cars of Sebastien Loeb Racing based on this Car :)





Recent Reviews

  1. jurgenbussche
    Version: 2017-11-12
    thx thx love it
  2. ThatAudiFan
    Version: 2017-11-12
    Great looking skin mate, many thanks :)
    1. ARTeam
      Author's Response
      no problem, nice to hear you like my skin :)
      the other cars from sebastien loeb racing Team
      coming, stay tuned :)
  3. Chabalian
    Version: 2017-11-12
    Great job. Thank you
    1. ARTeam
      Author's Response
      No problem, you're welcome :)
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