WTCC 2017 Citroen C-Elysee #12 2017.01.22

WTCC, 2017, Citroen Elysee, Robert Huff, Muennich motorsport

  1. Chabalian
    WTCC 2017 Citroen C-Elysee #12

    This is the new car of Muennich-Motorsport for the 2017 season of WTCC, the driver is Robert Huff,

    For the mod WTCC 2016 1.5 for AMS by Triebie that you can find there :
    soundfix :

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    Unrar to WTCC_2016\Citroen_Elysee this way:

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  1. Marc Majnes
    Marc Majnes
    Version: 2017.01.22
    well done !! hope we see more from this series !!
    1. Chabalian
      Author's Response
      Thank you, I hope so and waiting