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WRC Telemetry Patch 1.1

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# WRC Telemetry

This is a patch for WRC7, WRC8, and WRC9 that enables telemetry through shared memory.

Included you will find:
  • `WrcInjectionPayload.dll` -- a replacement DLL for `PhysXCooking64_s.dll`
  • `DirtRally2.exe` -- pretends WRC is DiRT Rally 2.0 for use with dashboards and motion systems

## Installation

Unzip `` in WRC's installation folder then run `Install.bat`.

## Manual installation
  1. Unzip `` in WRC's installation folder.
  2. Rename `PhysXCooking64_s.dll` to `PhysXCooking64_s_org.dll`.
  3. Rename `WrcInjectionPayload.dll` to `PhysXCooking64_s.dll`.

NOTE: The file `PhysXCooking64_s_org.dll` must exist. It must be the original `PhysXCooking64_s.dll` from the latest version of the game.

## Usage

  1. Install using the instructions above.
  2. (optional) Start `DirtRally2.exe` to pretend that WRC is DiRT Rally 2.0. This is necesarry unless your dashboard/buttkicker/motion system includes support for this patch.
  3. Start your dashboard/buttkicker/motion system.
  4. Start WRC.
  5. Enjoy :)
### Usage with SimTools

SimTools does not include native support for this telemetry protocol (as of Jan 2021.) Instead use
the included DiRT Rally 2.0 emulator:

DirtRally2.exe /port 4123 /protocol simtools

SimTools doesn't start unless the game is "Patched". Follow the prompts issued by SimTools and select the folder Documents\My Games\DiRT Rally 2.0 when prompted (even if you don't have DiRT Rally 2.0 installed.)

### For use with SimHub

SimHub does not include native support for this telemetry protocol (as of Jan 2021.) Instead use
the included DiRT Rally 2.0 emulator:

DirtRally2.exe /protocol extradata3

SimHub will complain that "DiRT Rally 2.0 telemetry is not configured". Ignore these warnings.

## Will it break in the future?


When Epic Games decides to update the game it will overwrite `PhysXCooking64_s.dll` with an unpatched copy. Run `Install.bat` to fix the issue.

The patch is resilient to smaller changes in WRC. However, if major changes are made to WRC this patch will stop working permanently.

## Where is the source code?

I've shown this is possible. Now do it yourself.

## Is this legal?

Yes. This package includes no copyrighted code or other assets. IANAL.

## Telemetry protocol

#include <inttypes.h>

constexpr const wchar_t *SHARED_MEMORY_NAME =

#pragma pack(push, 1)

struct WrcTelemetry
    uint32_t sequence_number; // Odd while game is updating shared memory
    uint32_t version; // Version of this struct

    // Version 1:
    int32_t gear; // Neutral = 1, First = 2, ...
    float velocity[3]; // Left, up, forward [m/s]
    float acceleration[3]; // Left, up, forward [m/s^2]
    int32_t engine_idle_rpm; // [rpm/10]
    int32_t engine_max_rpm; // [rpm/10]
    int32_t engine_rpm; // [rpm/10]
    float suspension_travel[4]; // It can move this much (LF,LR,RR,RF) [m]
    float suspension_position[4]; // From zero to `suspension_travel` [m]
    float unknown[4]; // (LF,LR,RR,RF) [?]

#pragma pack(pop)

## Known issues

  • Lap time not available (compatibility value is guesstimated)
  • Sector time/diff not available
  • In game RPM meter does not match reported RPM value (game UI bug?)
## License

I consider this public domain. Integrate and distribute at your hearts content.

Please respect this third party license:

## Changelog

Version 1.1:
  • Semantic versioning
  • Adds UDP packet rate limiting; use `/rate` flag to adjust
  • Gear was off by one for DiRT Rally 2.0 compatibility
  • RPM was off by factor 10 for DiRT Rally 2.0 compatibility

Latest updates

  1. Version 1.1

    Changes in v1.1 Semantic versioning Adds UDP packet rate limiting; use `/rate` flag to adjust...

Latest reviews

Thank you, works great with Sim Dashboard for android.
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I wish I had more data, but it's already great. Thank you very much.
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Works really well. It was great to install based on the video. Every installation should be done with an installation video, thanks for the video I was able to install the update after watching it. Big thanks again.
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Finally - shakers and dash for WRC! Thank you so much.
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Works great for WRC 8! here's the video tutorial I made on how to get it working!
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The game doesnt open if i install this (WRC9) not working right now at least for me
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Great work! Finally this game just got much better. Loving your patch :)
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Thanks a lot for this, i'm testing right now to integrate it inside simhub, it gives a super basic dash, but a good shaker feedback !

Concerning the "unknown" field, it's clearly related to wheel rotation, but hard to say the unit, it tried, radians, m/s, nothing seems totally correct, but at least it's proportionnal that's enough for me !
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the dream can true for the must have app !!!
Thank You Sr
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Fantastic patch, now I can get some feedback from bass shakers and rev leds work in Simhub. Thank you!!!!
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Super! But I tried using VibroPad via Simhub. Only vibration when shifting gears works. Is it possible to use everything (road, collisions, etc., like in DR2.0), or is it not possible?
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Great tweak!
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a Must have Tool. Thanks
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