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This is the newest gokart track in Slovenia. The track features 5 elevation changes, and a stunning surroundings! This is an assetto corsa's BETA version where the garage does not future the roof, due to the game engine having only 1 light source, the sun. The time and lap counting isn't set up properly, launching from pits is required and before so, turn right emediatly! Practice your laps, before the v1.0 releases :)
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Fun track, enjoyed driving it on a kart. But the Textures are still a bit strange and the track is lacking in overall details. Also, you can work around the Problem with the Light Source thanks to the Custom Shaders Patch
Seems very promissing for a first beta version :)
Will be very interesting to see where this map ends.

The game itself does only support 1 light source because of game engine limitations but with the custom shaders patch you can work around that restriction.
Another tip from me is to look at the shinjuku map. It got around that issue without csp