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Woodgreen Raceway Park 2016-06-21

speedway oval

  1. ZEN-KO
    This is my first conversion from rFactor to Assetto corsa :)
    Made it to learn about 3D graphics for games. It is a work in progress for now. No AI, good for practice and hot lapping. Hope you like it!
    If you find any bugs, please let me know.

    The track was originally made by Matt Huston. Wanted to contact him for authorization but unfortunately his web site is off-line and I can't find on-line any address to contact him. So Matt if you are reading this I hope you approve my conversion.

    About the track:
    Fictional race track. Reminiscent of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the track provides 4 unique corners tied together with short shoots and runs in at about 1.13 miles (1.83 km).

    Length: 1.13 miles (1.83 km)
    Banking: Front Stretch - 2 degrees, Corners - 10-11 degrees, Short shoots - 5-6 degrees

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