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Winton (V8 Supercars) 2.2

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Hi guys.

I think you need some stuff for the superV8, right?

- new grass shaders
- new trees
- crowd
- roadverge
- new loading screen by Denis
- gravel transitions
- horizon, etc

I am happy of the result.

Thanks to Thierry for his help on the scn

Track will appear in V8 supercars
Thanks to him for this correction. :)
AI behavior problem reported on the startline. And fixed.

Hi all.
Tracks needed for the SuperV8 :)

I revisit my previous version of Winton.

- new grass textures
- 3d grass added
- racegroove goes on rumbles now
- rumbles updated to match 2015 color (red and white)
- some big bumps corrected (hard exercice) but now MR18 no longer takes off like a F-16 on them ^^
- some other tweaks.

Some things not updated yet but all is here to have crazy races in SuperV8 :)
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