Williams Racing Alternative Martini Logo 1.0

An alternative skin for the Williams because of the mirrored logo

  1. Baseman

    When I saw the first Williams skin with the mirrored Martini logo and found out that the problem couldn't be solved easily I decided to Modify the texture made by McGregor Kereama to look like the censored Martini logo used in former racing games.

    Since I'm not a pro-texture creator I've used the first version of McGregor Kereama's skin (Link: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/williams-martini-racing.3615/). I hope it's ok for him that I used his skin. If not, I'll remove the mod as soon as he tells me to do so.




    I hope you enjoy the skin, if you don't like the mirrored logo.

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