Williams FW37 Hybrid 1.3 V1.50

Williams FW37 WCP

  1. ThatRacingGuy
    ARC`s First Mod For Stock Car Extreme!

    Its The Williams FW37 Hybrid 2015 WCP Improved
    (This was scratch build by WCP Fpr RF1)

    Huge Thanks to WCP Series for Making this mod and sharing it with us

    Its Improved on sections

    • Aero Tweaked
    • Tweaked Top Speed
    • Real Weight
    • SCE Shaders
    • FFB
    • Texture Improved

    Have Fun

    GSC 2015-10-01 20-56-21-94.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Steve Bird
    Steve Bird
    Version: 1.3 V1.50
    A good start but may I offer some opportunities for improvement? 1. There doesn't seem to be an idle sound. 2. The cockpit view and cockpit cam view need a bit of work in the sponsorship stripes . I like the external TV cam views...awesome and I like the external TV cam sounds. Keep up the good work.
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