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Williams FW14B Nigel Mansell Livery | Formula Hybrid X

Williams FW14B Nigel Mansell Livery | Formula Hybrid X V1.1

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So, here it is. My Second WIlliams Formula One skin for Assetto Corsa. The Williams FW14B driven by Nigel Mansell.

Hopefully you will enjoy it, be sure to leave your star rating and leave constructive criticisms in your review!
Happy Racing!
williams fw14b.jpg

Latest updates

  1. Williams FW14B Nigel Mansell Livery | Formula Hybrid X |

    Remastered HQ Skin Including Time Corrected Tyres for Showrooms!

Latest reviews

This is livery and the whole set of classic liveries that you make are really wonderful.
Two aspects I'd like to point out.
But first, F1 just revealed the new car for F1 2022. RSS is knows for it's great quality mods, so you might expect a huge spike in popularity with this and the rest of your liveries. I downloaded them all just so you know

Given this:
1 - The "GoodYear" branding on the tires is white but the blur is yellow. Looks bad and even if it was white, it wouldn't quite fit on the tire because it seems it is from the generic "Forza X" tire brand.

2 - It seems the livery was made for an older version of the RSS Formula Hybrid X, because of that I had to rename the tires "C2" and "C2_BLUR" accordingly. Bear in mind this fact if you ever think of updating.

I've already done some work in renaming and etc... I'd be very happy to share it with you if you ever feel like updating this.

Thank you for the classic liveries (and also the not so serious series too hehe) for the Hybrid X. They make for a really nice grid. Got em all already, keep em comming :)
Thank you for the 5 star review and the very kind words! :D
109 downloads and no reviews? LOL the internet. Here's your well deserved 5 stars
Thank you for the 5 Star review and the kind words
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