Williams FW14 Sound Mod 0.6

Higher quality sounds for the FW14

  1. Small adjustments & fixes

    Hey guys, sorry its been a while since the last update. I have been really busy and haven't been motivated to sit down and work on this. The update I'm posting today was made a little while after I posted 0.5 and just never uploaded it. All I did was I smoothed out the high end of the rev range a little as I noticed some sound doubling in 0.5 that didn't sound very good. Enjoy!
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  2. Small adjustments & fixes

    -Removed reverb so the sound fits better with other ASR cars
    -Modified external shifting
    -slightly modified internal high RPM samples again
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  3. More Samples

    -Reworked internal/external lift off samples
    -Reworked internal/external high rpm samples
    -Reworked shift sounds
    -Fixed the delay
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