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Williams FW 37 1.1

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Hey guys,

my skinning skills are not the best, but here is the skin of the Williams Martini Racing FW 37. Don't wonder about the doubeld Martini at the rearwing, I don't know how to fix that.

The sides aren't changed much, because, as said, my skills aren't that good. I just changed the sponsors at the front to 2015, removed Banco do Brasil and added the Martini at the rearwing.

thanks for rating
Screenshot: as you can see, the rear wing is doubled, don't know how to fix that. Added the right sponsors on the nose.

Latest updates

  1. FW37

    Updated skin, took some ideas by @doberjam's skin. Felipes skin stayed as pre update version...

Latest reviews

Really like the way you fixed the Martini logo on the rear wing!
Thanks, it wasn't possible better. I thpught that in the .pssg file the whole wing is shown, but it's half-half, so the "MARTINI" is doubled.
Excellent work
not bad
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