Will Burns 2016 Ginetta GT Supercup 1

Skin made for the Ginetta G55 Mod - requires update on forums.

  1. Dan Long
    Showroom_ginetta_g55_23-11-2016-21-18-48.jpg Showroom_ginetta_g55_23-11-2016-21-18-54.jpg Showroom_ginetta_g55_23-11-2016-21-19-1.jpg Showroom_ginetta_g55_23-11-2016-21-19-4.jpg Showroom_ginetta_g55_23-11-2016-21-37-59.jpg
    Will Burns 2016 Ginetta GT4 Supercup Car skin for the Ginetta G55 mod for Assetto Corsa.

    This will require the update earlier this year on the forums which allows for this car to be driven with sounds, as per V1.0 and onwards changes.

    Simply extract and place into assetto corsa > content > cars > ginetta_g55 > skins
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    Could you give a link to the forum?
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