Wicklow Mountains, Ireland - Part 2 of 2

Wicklow Mountains, Ireland - Part 2 of 2 0.9

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Jake Grafton
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Brilliant job!!! thanks
Having driven countless miles on this section of road irl, it is surreal and an amazing recreation of some of the best road in Ireland. Some minor issues such as getting kicked for going the "wrong way" on the full lap. Can be bypassed somewhat by just driving a section and carrying on past the finish. Would like to see additional pit boxes for multiplayer as we could only get 2 drivers and a reverse route would be just perfect.

Major kudos to the creator! Thanks Jake!
Jake Grafton
Jake Grafton
Thanks so much!! From the start, it was my intention to make it a realistic facsimile -- so your statement is especially gratifying. (Although I did remove a speed bump before Sally Gap...)

I'm working on the 'wrong way' issue and will be adding more pit spaces.
Track not found with only part 1 installed. after downloading part 2, it says app couldnt find any contnet to install here. any ideas? looks good wanna play!
Jake Grafton
Jake Grafton
Try manually extracting the second one to your assettocorsa folder. PM me if you still have problems.
Super. Thank you
Really enjoyed it. What would really make I think is a bit more width for two way traffic and if someone could do some farm vehicle mods! Bombing down the lanes.....into a tractor!
Good stuff!
After a gig of download I was expecting something special. Keep at it.
fantastic piece of scenery
[copied from part 1 review]

Oh wow! This is brilliant. I've been on these roads a few times, motorcycle trips with my Cousins from Co Cork..... Just done a few laps in a 356, love this mod already so much!