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White Previews for Content Manager Showroom 1

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I'm releasing this as requested, so please enjoy.

This is just a simple white previews preset for Content Manager that look pretty clean in my opinion. It's not one size fits all unfortunately, so for some cars you may need to adjust them horizontally a tad in order for them to fit in the frame. It works for the majority of the car list the first time, though. (of course, mod cars may vary)

Most of the bad cars when it comes to alignment are longer vehicles like modern F1, Prototypes and sedans.


preview (3).jpg

preview (2).jpg

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Good, but....where instalation path?
This is how I'd do it:
1. Open the CM showroom app using the options button in the "update previews" tab
2. Press "save preset"
3. Use this file explorer window that's opened to copy+paste the white preset into the Custom Previews folder.

or you can just go AppData > Local > AcTools Content Manager > Presets > Custom Previews and paste it in there.
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Clever and different from what a lot of simracer use
i will give it a try
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