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West McLaren Mercedes MP4-17 for Ferrari F2002

West McLaren Mercedes MP4-17 for Ferrari F2002 1.1

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McLaren MP4-17 skin for Ferrari F2002
DC's 2002 McLaren for the Ferrari F2002, in all it's West gloriousness :sneaky:. Helmets and suits may come later....

Huge thanks to @kedy89 for the Michelin tyres and to @btk150 for some insaaaaane renders.

As of the latest update, this skin supports the newest version (1.1) of the Ferrari F2002 mod.




Latest updates

  1. Support for Version 1.1 of the Ferrari F2002 & Bug Fixes

    Added support for Version 1.1 of the mod - just reinstall the skin! Removed the 'black band'...

Latest reviews

0k Gracias
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Great job!
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excellent , thank you
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Amazing skins, thank you! Although my preview didn't work when others did it's still an amazing looking car and I even went to Silverstone during the V10 era and witnessed DC and Mika pushing these things to the limit. Brings all those memories back. Thank you!
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Great ! Thank you.
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Very good skin m8!
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