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Wedge's Visions | ReShade + MasterEffect 1.2

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mate great work, can really notice the difference in image quality !!
Merci, gros changement. Et c'est plus réel.
The way it changes original graphics is absolutely amazing. Unfortunately it also seems to add a lot of jagginess, it's almost like AA was not working at all. I use 4xMS+4xSGS forced through NVidia Inspector, it gives very good result on removing jaggies maintaining resonable performance at the same time, but after replacing d9d9.dll with the one provided with this mod I have jaggies all over the lines and barriers. I have changed the #define USE_SMAA setting in the MasterEffect.h file, but it only affects performance, not quality.
That's a real shame because after seeing how awesome this game can look I don't want to revert to the vanila graphics, but those jaggies kill the immersion for me.
Compared to the normal graphics this one looks really realistic and crisp! Nice mod and thank you! One question: is it possible to customize it by myself?
look pretty nice, making it more realistic - especially color of the sky makes more sense now
Seem the best graphic mode for grt GSC.
Grt job
For my gtx 970 have a 170 fps with ON, and 300 OFF. I use antialias 4x in game setting, and default setting for your app(use smaa=1). Find this way good AA and fps result.
It's amazing what a simple tweak can do.
Great mod!
Project wha? Sorry to spam but this really improves on default gfx
nice work. looks really nice and helps immersion!
Amazing! This looks very realistic. Well done!
Thank you!
The look is very nice but the performance with triple screen and multimonitor is very poor compared to standart graphics
Andre, could you run a couple of tests for me to see if it improves your triple screen FPS?

First, turn off the game anti-alias on the config screen and see if it affects your FPS.

Then, open up the ReShade.fx on notepad and change a couple of lines to test if the performance improves. You can do this with the game opened, just alt+tab, edit the file, save, then go back to the game, it should recompile the effect.
1) #define USE_FXAA change from 1 to 0 to turn off the FXAA and test if it improves the FPS.
2) #define USE_SHARPENING change from 1 to 0 to turn off the noise effect and test

Also try with sharpening 0 and FXAA 1, and also try turning on and off your game AA.

See if any of these solutions improves your FPS and tell me the results.

Thank you!
Excuse my language, but HOLY **** this looks amazing. Thank you!
Thank you!
Rename the DLL in d3d9_2.dll and put the new
Excellent thank you very much. I have a problem though. The d3d9.dll you replace is also replaced by the hud program i use called GID. Is there a way to combine these perhaps so i dont have to choose GID or your improved visuals?
Unfortunately no. GID uses its own custom d3d9.dll to inject their hud. unless either GID or ReShade allows to link a proxy dll. For the time being you gonna have to choose to run one of them at a time.