wedgeHUD v1.4

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wedgeHUD for rFactor 2

A modern HUD for rFactor 2, now featuring 5 variations: Default, Mirror, Edge, Side and Minimal.

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Latest updates

  1. More variations!

    Changelog 1.4 - 4/26/2016 - Added two more variations of the HUD: side and minimal; -- side...
  2. Added two variations

    Changelog 1.3 - 4/9/2016 - Fixed a small graphic issue of the left MFD showing off a black bar...
  3. Small update

    - Changed flags and signs graphics.
  4. Update 1.1

    Changelog 1.1 - 2/27/2016 Made some changes based on feedback: - Lowered the tachometer and...

Latest reviews

Great hud! But the tire parameter slides sideways.
how can i install it?
Very nice. Is there a way of having the side view but without the tacho?
Please teach me how to use this
I like it. Clean and simple.
This is just what I have been looking for. Should be stock HUD for sure.
This should be the default UI IMO
great update, i like the minimal version
works great on triples also
Best HUD on the market, great job!
definitely a must have, thanks man
This should be the default for rF2, extremely professional work, thanks Wedge
very nice hud. please can u insert the drs widget?
there's already a DRS indicator, it's on the left side of the tachometer. it only appears when DRS is detected and active. feedback and suggestions to improve are always welcome! thanks!
Many thanks for this great looking HUD.
I have some suggestions though for multiple layouts.
Thanks! Let me know your suggestions! They're more than welcome!