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Watkins Glen International 1.0

The Glen

  1. The Glen

    This track uses a custom shader by @Stereo. Because of this the the archive folder structure is different than previous versions. If you use Content Manager then you can just install it like any other mod. If you do not use Content manager make sure you copy the 3 folders shown here to the main assettocorsa folder.

    If the game crashes when loading the track then you did not install it correctly. Please use the support forum if you have any issues.

    Update details
    • Lights added to work with shader mod.
    • 4 extra endurance layouts that includes extra track lighting.
    • Added some 2018 details such as the Turn 10 Terrace.
    • Crowds now split between layer 4 and 5 so very high detail settings get some people
    • New AI lines for all layouts
    • Many little details added that I can't remember right now. This should mirror the rf2 conversion more closely now.


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