Washington DC Street Circuit for AMS

Washington DC Street Circuit for AMS v1.0

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Hi Guys

Here we have another track update, this time it's Washington DC Street Circuit.

Would like to thank Triebie for giving me this track to update, probably one of my favorite street circuits now, lovely flow, fast and looks really nice.

Washington DC Street Circuit

Update details v1.0:

- Different sky files with new lighting added
- New settings for track rgb and fog
- All track textures have being reworked, some are new (track and in field textures)
- New grass added
- Instead of having grass edges right to the track side I've replaced them with concrete blocks that act like curbs or paving, I think this adds a bit more texture and looks really nice.
- I've also replaced some of the infield concrete textures with grass to create some depth, looks better too
- New water color and texture
- New barrier and and amco rails with reworked track cushions
- Reworked trees and bushes a little.
- Reworked every single building texture, removed bad one's, replaced them with new one's.
- Added back round horizon to fill up the gaps
- All banner and sponsors are new
- All track vehicles have being reworked
- All tents have being reworked, added Budweiser tents
- Several small textures or objects around the track have being reworked, some replaced
- Added basic loading screen (no maps available for this track)

Page edit:

- Download camouflage texture for the grandstands here:



Known issues:

- There are some minor building issues at the beginning of the track, these are only really noticeable if one drives slow whilst looking to the far right or left.
I picked this up when editing the textures but one should not notice this in race form using cockpit view and so on.

- This would be nice to fix but would have to ask someone a bit more experienced to have a look, all help is welcome.

- To me this is the only real issue, otherwise the track looks really nice now, AI I tested with AMS cars, no problems at all.

- One thing that you may notice with the 10am practice session, one or two of the buildings are a touch bright, but a few laps in and as time goes they will look normal again. If I were to make them just a bit darker then they will look extremely dark at 5pm

- All other time sessions should be fine

- I've done my best to optimize every single texture for all time track sessions so that there's no glow.

- If anyone notices something that I did not pick up, please send a mail or use the support section for this.

Installation guide:

- Download and install the track into your AMS's location file
- Have fun :)

For more ClimaxF1 Liveries/Skins, Tracks, Steering wheels, Team Garages, Race Suits, Gloves & Fantasy Skins please browse my downloads section here:


Thanks for all the support guys and this great racing community! So many good people online!
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I have downloaded and installed 3 of your tracks so far: Ambush Canyon, San Franscisco, and Washington DC. All 3 crash upon loading due to error in .MAS file.
Almost 1000 downloads with no problems and you being the first with such error.
Haven't updated any of these tracks and they all still load fine.
Not sure what could be causing the problem on your side but try redownloading and make a clean install.
Next time please use the support section for support, thanks.
thanks ClimaxF1 your work is always awesome.Thanks!
Looks nice indeed with new textures, also not a fan of city tracks but this one and san francisco are really nice conversion plus good textures, thanks for sharing :)
Would probably be the same for me, not a big fan of street tracks too.

These two look nice and flow nicely, they also much quicker than your average street circuit.

Thanks for the review!
Not always a fan of street circuits, but this & your San Francisco conversion are both excellent. Thanks, Climax!
Always a pleasure and thanks for the review!
Thank You
Thanks for the review, enjoy!
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