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Walkinshaw Racing - Holdsworth (Prestige Hire) 1.2

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Great skin. I made a little change and made the rims black. Looks alittle meaner. hehe Thank you
Very good work!, for the issues of the lines I recommended you draw the sunvisor in a program when you can work with vectors ... like Corel or Illustrator, then export that in JPG format for example and add later to the rest of the image in the bitmaps editor
Rob Fitness
Rob Fitness
Thanks. I don't have other programmes but I know of a couple that might be able to help
Essential for this car very cool

Question though
Is it possible that i saw this skin before in Iracings V8?
Rob Fitness
Rob Fitness
Yes. I did this first in iracing. Couldn't get it looking as good on this one.