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Wagnum's Graphics Mod Final release

Filter/weather mod for a realistic look with a subtle flare to make AC look as good as it handles :)

  1. Adjustments from feedback

    Right so ive made just a few adjustments as there were issues with it being too dark within the cockpit and complaints regarding it being too dark in general, washed out and too much effects. Therefore the brightness has gone up a tad to lighten up those cockpits of yours, the saturation increased slightly, some adjustments to heavy cloud weather to keep it gloomy (but not too dark) while at the same time prevent some of the colours from creeping away from realistic. The bloom effects and vignetting have been pulled back just a smidgen just to keep the realism alive without the effects taking over. I havent fully stress tested this version but cant imagine anything going too wrong.
    Will keep working on today to get the colours right, plus think the light and mid cloud weather needs some working on so if i come across any other issues I will address :)
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