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[W.I.P] Padborg Park

[W.I.P] Padborg Park 0.2

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good job
I have been hoping this track was made for AC. For years I've been wanting to go, but always something has come in the way. This year I will though. And this creation will give me a taste. for an alpha this looks might damn good. I love all the Danish tracks in AC. Old and new. Thank you
Very nice, i´ve been waiting for years for this track. I´ve driven hundreds of laps in real life there.
Many thanks
Really solid start. Right now there almost isn't enough color contrast on the track which can make navigation really tough. I think that making the curbs a darker red and adding a bit more color will help that. Outside of that the driving surface is excellent, and I can see this track going really far.
Better with a fonctionnal AI.
Good short track, fun to drive.
One problem, the timer line is not the same as the starting line. The start/stop line of the stopwatch is located in the 3rd turn.
Thanks for your review! Glad you enjoy the track. The start line is different from the finish line in real life, so that is why it has this behavior!
With the Lotus 49B, this track is lovely - maybe it's just a perfect synergy of track and car, but it's a great mixture of technical corners and good space to open up the throttle, all within what feels like a very short amount of time. Technical enough that you've got to learn it properly, but not too much to learn, I'm looking forward to wherever you can take this in the months to come. Great work so far!
Don't work. Game crash. The track can't work without Ai Spine.
Please try the new update. Hope you enjoy!