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VW Scirocco Cup version 1.2

VW Scirocco Cup for Automobilista

  1. hummer444
    Hi all,

    VW Scirocco Cup for Automobilista.

    - Mod is inspired by the Volkswagen Scirocco Cup, which was held in Germany and several other countries since 2010.

    - Only the steering wheel and seat position were variable; otherwise, only the front stabiliser and the air pressure in the tyres could be adjusted.

    - Push to pass.
    The innovative push-to-pass system made things even more exciting. At the touch of a button located on the steering wheel, the drivers were able to use this system to increase the charging pressure of the turbocharged Scirocco engine and raise the output by 50 hp. This system offered the drivers numerous tactical options.

    Credits go to:
    - Sebbl from Rennsimulanten.de, who gave permission to convert and optimize their mod for AMS (BBSE mod for rFactor1)
    - Alex Schmurtz for creating the ingame icons.
    - Reiza for this great game.

    - Please read the included README for details on the mod and installation.
    - Seperate TXT file included with RealFeel settings.

    - Implemented AMS shaders and custom shaders for bodywork/interior etc.
    - Dirt/Grass pickup on tyres / Horn / Lights all working.
    - AI tweaked for AMS, also latest fix implemented (issue that could cause AI to bounce when running over sawtooth curbs).
    - Car has a temporary boost (Push to Pass) available in race session (not qualifying). Don't forget to assign a button on your steeringwheel for the boost.
    - Talent files included.
    - Mod has its own safety car.
    - 22 cars.
    - Templates included in skins folder.

    RealFeel settings:



    14-08-2017: Mod updated to version 1.2


Recent Reviews

  1. alejandro di pietro
    alejandro di pietro
    Version: version 1.2
    very nice work, thanks
  2. FlyAxL
    Version: version 1.2
    i cant drive it wityh my t500rs its like its been locked on joystick mode. please help its the only car that behave that way. what should i change in which ini file?
  3. analogeartrhquake84
    Version: version 1.2
    Top quality mod, but I noticed one small bug. In the 5.1 system, the sound of the engine comes from the rear speakers. To remedy this, you need to change one parameter in the "Scirocco_engine.ini" file to a negative value: from EngineSound = (0.4,0.25,2.0) to EngineSound = (0.4,0.2,-2.0)
  4. Óscar Melero
    Óscar Melero
    Version: version 1.2
    This is just up to Reiza quality. Top notch work.

    Just a little problem I could fix myself: You got the driver eyepoint wrong. Yo can see the VW logo on the steering wheel is not centered. If you want to update your resource with the correct value go to the Sirocco_cockpitinfo.ini file and the Eyepoint value should be:

    Eyepoint=(0.373, 0.955, 0.16)

    Apart from that small detail, this mod is a must have. Great, great job.
  5. dreamer al
    dreamer al
    Version: version 1.2
    Excellent physics, drives really well. Sounds good as well. Thank you for sharing
  6. Bonehead
    Version: version 1.2
    Thanks, I love it!
  7. Kazak21
    Version: version 1.2
    Great model and realistic physics. I like it!
  8. ouvert
    Version: version 1.2
    nice job, feels good
  9. Vladimir Blokhin
    Vladimir Blokhin
    Version: version 1.2
    Thank you!!!
  10. balage06
    Version: version 1.2
    Excellent mod, we had tons of fun with it at the RD event!
  11. Nobkins
    Version: version 1.2
    A great mod. We raced these for 20mins at an RD event. The Push to Pass feature with the light in the window is great and added a nice tactical element to the race. Well done.
  12. cebeuno
    Version: version 1.2
    Sublime!! Thank you
  13. Mike Frost
    Mike Frost
    Version: version 1.2
    Fantastic! Thanks for your hard work... I can't comment on the AI updates as I have not had enough time to test fully, but so far so good!
    You've set the bar high for your next mod (Ferrari F430 GTC)... If it's as good as this one it's going to be a real gem :) Can't wait...
  14. Bostrom
    Version: 1.1
    Excellent work !
    Many many thanks and more please !
  15. Mike Frost
    Mike Frost
    Version: 1.1
    Awesome update to what was already a great mod. Drives great and looks great!
    Thanks for including arms :)
  16. holihon2012
    Version: 1.1
    bulldozer AI
  17. Fanapryde
    Version: 1.1
    Great mod gets even better ! Thanks a lot for sharing your work.
    Lights are working very good too...
  18. SebS15
    Version: 1.1
    Good Mod, thank's for the share !!! :)
  19. m_mirk
    Version: 1.0
    Thank you very much! Very nice looking and driving cars. Sounds could be little more exciting. But very good work!
  20. Stephen O'Sullivan
    Stephen O'Sullivan
    Version: 1.0
    The VW Scirocco Cup is an excellent mod that makes good use of Automobilista's physics and force feedback. The FFB is informative and understated as befits the road car origin of the Scirocco.

    Translation: It's great. Download it. :-)
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