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VSM IndyCar 2020 Physics/Sounds Overhaul 11.1

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Hello, guys, i hope you all are having a great time! Before anything else, i want to give some shououts:

- Vitor Souza, also known as VSM for the original mod and its 2020 pre-season carset;
- The OSR team and Patrick Giranthon for using their work as a reference point for mine;
- Several friends of mine who helped me testing, helping me develop and ironing out most of its shortcomings
- .Race9 Modding for lending me their visual files in which they use in their league mod (please consider driving on their championship with its own physics, it's also really great!)

What does this pack includes:
- Updated physics all around - modified tyre model, engine parameters, chassis parameters, and upgrade refinements;
- The original mod's 2020 pre-season carset - hopefully we can do a 2021 carset eventually!
- Re-enabled ARB onboard adjustment and introduced Push to Pass;
- Rolled back sound files from 2018's mod, reprofiled to use AMS standard ambience sounds (impact, curbing, and such);
- Remade damage model;
- Tweaked Force Feedback values.

The physics allow the car to work as close as possible to the actual IR18, in which is a car that seems docile with new rubber but gets really hairy as long as the stint goes. As mentioned, it also reintroduces AMS-specific features such as Onboard Anti-Roll Bar adjustments and Push2Pass, which were lacking on the original mod.

What is next:

- I plan to do the 2021 carset for this mod and refine its 3D modeling, which might be uploaded as an separate resource later. This physics package is supposed not to conflict with the original mod as it uses it's own series and folders, but if any of these happen please tell me, i may work on a fix as soon as possible!

Thanks again for any support or by simply using it, have a wonderful day y'all!

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Latest reviews

Good. The sounds look way better than other IndyCar mods apart of CART extreme and the car models are beautiful. Also it's nice to drive. Thank you.
I hope you keep doing mods. It's very difficult to see new AMS mods these days.
Thank you for your work on this, I've been enjoying it. But version 6.2f does not work for me, I've tried reinstalling the entire mod, doesn't work. I had to revert back to 5.2f to get it to work again. Also a nuance to anyone installing this mod, you have copy the files from the folder "Dallara UAK 18+" to the "Dallara UAK 18" folder to get this to work correctly, not sure if that was intended but I don't see install instructions anywhere.
Thank you for the feedback! I will look upon what might be causing this issue as it might be something silly i forgot to correct upon
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