VRTG Rider Equipments 0.5

Import all Custom Rider GP Helmets, Gloves and Boots from VR The Game

  1. 86ayayay
    This is an early version. Still many bugs and a lot to fixes :)

    Mod features:
    - Imported all Custom Rider GP Helmets, Boots and Gloves from VRTG
    - 111 Helmets, 30 Boots and 50 Gloves in total
    - Dainese in boots (Skins still from VRTG, I will change in future updates)
    - VRTG Rider Equipments icons, brands and names.

    Minor bugs (not fixed yet)
    - Missing some X-lite and Nolan64 Helmeticons
    - Strange glitch when you switching boot from Alpin/SIDI to Dainese or vice versa over 1 times
    - All VRTG Helmets not having CUSTOMPILOTBIG and CUSTOMPILOTICON images
    - Brand icons looks little weird

    MotoGP17X64 2017-07-17 04-35-25-552.jpg MotoGP17X64 2017-07-17 04-23-10-261.jpg MotoGP17X64 2017-07-17 04-21-30-081.jpg MotoGP17X64 2017-07-17 04-21-24-559.jpg MotoGP17X64 2017-07-17 04-21-21-492.jpg MotoGP17X64 2017-07-17 04-21-12-414.jpg MotoGP17X64 2017-07-17 04-20-59-375.jpg MotoGP17X64 2017-07-17 04-20-49-450.jpg MotoGP17X64 2017-07-17 04-20-40-334.jpg MotoGP17X64 2017-07-17 04-20-27-807.jpg

    Installation :
    - Backup your files just in case you did error
    - Extract your DATA.MIX GFXCIRCUIT.MIX GFXGEM.MIX and GFXPAK.MIX with Mixfile ReMixer by LeMic
    - Copy and Replace/Overwrite my mod into extracted DATA.MIX GFXCIRCUIT.MIX GFXGEM.MIX and GFXPAK.MIX
    - Repack again with Mixfile ReMixer by LeMic (Format SBK-X/V8)

    Special Thanks to ReZ for Dainese in boots


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Recent Reviews

  1. Gigicippe
    Version: 0.5
    why the extracted file is error?
  2. nathanhady
    Version: 0.5
    Amazing Bro, Good Job! :D
  3. Bad63r
    Version: 0.5
    Thankyou SO MUCH for this - I was so disappointed to find the authors had left all the gear out of the game, but this has now made the game a lot better for me! Not only that, but you've managed to get the Dainese boots to go 'inside the leg' of the leathers - bravo!!!
  4. girlracerTracey
    Version: 0.5
    Excellent work. Thank you very much!
    1. 86ayayay
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review
  5. Alexandar001
    Version: 0.5
    It`s very good,and done with great details.
    1. 86ayayay
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