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VRC Formula NA 2018 Road - Physics and Accuracy Corrections 2019-04-03

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I am not affiliated with VRC and this is not the full mod. You will need to purchase the VRC Formula NA Package in order to install this update. You can see more and purchase the mod here:

*This update will cause online compatibility issues. It is recommended that you backup the data.acd file before installing this update.

This update corrects some issues I found while making sure everything was accurate with the physics. The following changes have been made:

-Corrected total mass. Car was too light. Total mass is now 823kg (1630 lbs Road/Street configuration + 185lbs Driver Equivalency Weight as mandated by IndyCar).

-Corrected front and rear tire width. The tires were too narrow, mechanical grip will be improved.

-Corrected wheel rim diameter.

Corrected wheel base length. Was slightly too short, will improve overall stabililty.

-Corrected Push 2 Pass. Was originally 10 pushes for 15 seconds each for a total of 150 seconds, with a 1 second cool down. IndyCar gives each driver 200 seconds total, and the driver can now toggle it on/off when they want.
Push 2 pass is now 5 seconds each with 40 total pushes for a total of 200 seconds, and no cool down. This allows for better management of the overboost with less waste and each use can be used successively with no delay in between. You now won't have to worry about using it on a short straight and wasting a bunch of seconds.

-Enabled "fuel maps" via cockpit adjustable turbos.

-Re-mapped the throttle for improved driveability. The rear will now break away more progressively on throttle instead of snapping and wanting to kill you.

Install Instructions:
Drop the content folder inside the main assetto corsa directory and allow it to overwrite. That's it, enjoy! :D

Latest reviews

thank you
thanks a lot! this mod needs more grip.
Fantastic! Completely fixed the glaring issues
Awesome work .. massively needed ...Thank you...can you help the VRC Formula NA 1999
Try the Oval version next.
Really feels more consistent. It's still a handful but it's a realistic handful and not just power for the sake of power. I really feel that now if I lose it it's because I was dumb, not because the car suddenly acquired 2000bhp.

Many, many thanks.
You sir are a racing legend.
Feels exactly how i believe it should! Thanks alot!
Nice could you do a edit like this for the 1999 road na too please?
Thank you very much, just in time for the Barber race!
It's very good
Thank you
You're welcome!
car is a lot more stable now, I have not touched the mod since day 1 because of the snap oversteer, etc etc. Was one of the harder cars to drive in AC, NOT any more, cheers for this. Much much needed.
Thanks for the feedback, glad you like it!
Good stuff. How difficult would it be to create a duplicate car so I can have the “official” version still selectable?
Not sure if I can do it without providing the car without paying for the mod. I will look into it.
Great idea! Did you try (and, presumably, fail) to sell it to vrc as an official update? That would have eliminated online issues. And yes! please continue with 'upgrades' for FNA 1999 & 2012.
Spectacular thanks. This causes me to wait anxiously for NA 1999 and 2012 .....
2012 car will be easy as all of the regulations and technical specs were pretty much the same. 1999 car will be more difficult as it's probably harder to find the correct technical data. I'll work on it :)
This is what I needed. Thank you very much :D
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