VRC Formula NA 1999 - PENSKE Racing (Marlboro Livery)

VRC Formula NA 1999 - PENSKE Racing (Marlboro Livery) 1.2

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1999 CART #2 and #3 cars, with accurate logos, chrome suspensions, correct numbers, details, and more.
*Also comes with a correct Json file with driver names, nationality and team name.

V 1.2 Changelog
-Oval and road versions tweaked.
-tweaked some minor details and colors.
-Corrected previews.




Ricardo Gomes
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed some details for road and oval and added 4k skins.

    V 1.2 Changelog -Oval and road versions tweaked. -Corrected some minor details. -Corrected previews.
  2. Corrected some minor details and added a few goodies

    V 1.0 Changelog -Oval and road versions tweaked. -Corrected some minor details such as the black...
  3. Added some details (see changelog)

    V 0.9 Changelog -Oval and road versions tweaked. -Corrected some minor details such as a...

Latest reviews

Thanks a lot for keeping it to the top with your update, I appreciate your fantastics works ! ;-)
No oval version in attachment..
Ricardo Gomes
Ricardo Gomes
So, why 1 star? The oval file is in there, only the preview is wrong... i`ll fix it on the next upd.
The cars look lovely! However I can't seem to find the oval skins.

All the for cars in the zip seem to be road versions... plz help
Awesome work ...Thank You for the update
n1n1n1n1n1n1n1n1 mmoooorrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeee
Thank you so much!! Thanks for all to make this great mod better and better.
Great update for your outstanding work on it, thank you very much ! ;-)
Nice work! :) Cheers
Fantastic work ... Bravo!...Looking forward to more of your work ...Thank you very much .
thanks for update!
Ricardo Gomes
Ricardo Gomes
thanks!!!! also, keep up your great job!
CART of this era has been relayed even in public broadcasting in Japan, so I have a very much attachment. Moreover, I think that the appearance of the machine is the best time. You, VRC, and Kunos who officially made Lagna Seca have made a good job.
Fantastic job, thank you!
Looks sooo nice..thank you..
WOW, Thank you veryyyyyyy much for doing and sharing this awesome skin ! ;-)
And yet another great repaint!
Many thanks.
Ricardo Gomes
Ricardo Gomes
Thanks, later today i'll upload a big update. cheers
Gonzalo Rodriguez .....
Ricardo Gomes
Ricardo Gomes
Gonzalo's car will be added on the next update. i forgot to mention his variatiant