VRC Formula Alpha - McLenna MC22

VRC Formula Alpha - McLenna MC22 1.2

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VRC Modding Team
is proud to announce the release of the McLenna MC22.

Get the skins pack here

Alongside the download of the mod we are providing templates for anyone who wants to make some new skins for this car.
Please read the pdf file that's included in the download.

For more information about this and other projects, you can visit our website

Also, if you enjoy this mod, you can consider making a donation here:

If you can't make a donation, a 5 stars rate can always help us too, and is a nice way to appreciate our efforts.


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Latest updates

  1. v1.2

    V1.2 (2021/04/11): -Folder and kn5 names shortened to avoid shared memory issues.

Latest reviews

Thank you. Awesome to drive!
buen trabajo quizas un poco inestable pero el resto de maravilla
great engine sounds
the mod is really nice
Amazing car, very good to drive. The V8 sounds incredible. Superb work as usual. Cheers guys ^^
Such a fun car to drive. Great job!

Thanks. The quality of all VRC projects make it one of the references in mod.
Amazing season, love to drive these cars
What can I say...I see VRC MT, I click Download.

Thank you for such fine work.
Very nice mod but it seems too fast, so much faster than the sf70h. A little bit too much engine but the grip is too much, really unrealistic.
Thank you so much for this car. While my true love is the early 90's F1 cars I do have a soft spot of this mid 00's cars. The sound of this mod is incredible. I can't get over how detailed this work is. Will be donating for sure. Amazing work.
Team VRC... I ask you, can they do no wrong? I think not.
Looks beautiful.
I jusy LOVE IT !!
Beautiful! This car is a MONSTER.. :-)

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