VRC ARC - Chevrette 28GTO Real In-Game Name

VRC ARC - Chevrette 28GTO Real In-Game Name 1.2

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Real name brand and car manufacturer icon for VRC ARC - Chevrette 28GTO

The package contains 3 files:
vrc_arc28_ui_real_name -> changes the GUI to real car manufacturer
vrc_arc28_data_real_name -> changes the in-game name
vrc_arc28_data_default -> restores to default in-game name


During loading the brand logo is shown, the correct name is only shown if vrc_arc28_data_real_name fix is applied:


This will also show short variant of real car name in-game:


If you apply the vrc_arc28_data_real_name fix you will get an checksum error entering multiplayer unless the server is using this fix as well. To enter an multiplayer server using vanilla content, apply the vrc_arc28_data_default fix before entering the server. Restart of AC not needed.

Note, this version of vrc_arc28_data_real_name fix should only be applied on VRC ARC - Chevrette 28GTO v1.2.

If you have any suggestions or question, please post in the support tab.
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Thanks for always doing these, much needed. cheers