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VRC 2015 Williams FW37

VRC 2015 Williams FW37 1.2

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VRC Modding Team is proud to announce the release of the Williams FW37, this is the first version after the team has decided to continue the awesome work done by FormulaCorsa team and F1SR.
A special thanks to the original F1SR & FormulaCorsa team and all of its members who collaborated in the creation of this mod. Another special thanks to Acestumacher and Chargingcar for letting us go on with this project.

All physics and sounds were made from scratch meanwhile lots of graphical and animation issues were fixed and updated to match latest Assetto Corsa build.
Alongside the download of the mod we are providing templates for anyone who wants to make some new skins for this car.
Please read the pdf file that's included in the download.

For more informations about this and other projects, you can visit our website:


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Also, if you enjoy this mod, you can consider making a donation here:

AC Project manager: mati.sala90
Physics: misterbeam
Sounds: imrimike
Animations: mati.sala90
AO Maps & Alpha Channels: chargingcar & mati.sala90
Textures: chargingcar & mati.sala90
Car liveries: formulacorsa
Driver suits and gloves: mati.sala90
Original model: f1sr & chargingcar
Sound collaborator: ferrari64
Physics collaborator: domi & burrito
Video Promotions: ddntube
Renders/PDF: mati.sala90
Webmaster: diego45
File size
143.7 MB
First release
Last update
4.89 star(s) 46 ratings

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Latest reviews

The model and the handling are quite good, but I found some problems when I have been driving for 2-3 laps, the handling becomes quite unstable due to worn tires, and happens to me only with this model. I'm using the Logitech Driving Force GT wheel and in my FFB settings the wheel and road FFB are set to 0, any idea?
Love it! Thank you very much for your super work!
What to say, as always a stunning job VRC! and i love the sound.
They may not be the best cars in real life, but they are still great fun to drive in AC :-)
thank you, loved it finally found a great F1 car mod :)))))))
Looks and feels great but i could not find a livery folder anywhere as mentioned in the read me to install the optional tires.
...\content\cars\vrc_2015_williams_fw37\skins\FW37_77\ For example.
excellent car to drive throttle is touche which is good but the steering needs more turning as it will not turn into some corners but other wise 5 stars
Great Mod
amazing physics and the sound is just like the real thing
nice car amazing!!!
Very nice formula one!!
What a superb job you've done on this - thanks a lot from a very Happy Bunny.
Woo-hoo! I'm Lizard King, baby!
The mod i was looking for, perfect!
Absoluty fantastic JOB (with love) this beast . !Addiction!
Another great stuff, thank you!
dashboard not working
Simply amazing! Even higher quality than some of ACs base content. By far my favorite mod.
Simply stunning! Don't even have the words to describe how awesome this is. I have base shakers on my rig and can FEEL the plank hitting the ground over bumps! I am going to quit my job and do nothing but turn laps in this car, lol. Thanks and donated!
4 stars simply because its always room for improvement and there is no such a thing as perfect.
Amazing car, I enjoyed every single second I was driving it. The sound is like you were watching a real onboard, very good. The mod has an excellent FFB, you really feel everything on track.
A masterpiece, keep your excelent work guys.
Amazing mod, especially the sounds, for the first time i have in game the sounds that i have on my tv when i watch onboard F1
Please give a medal to the man who made the sound of the FW37, he's a real artist
A must be. Excellent job guys!
Thank you a lot for your words!

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