Volvo VNL 670

Volvo VNL 670 1.4.1

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- You can find the truck in VOLVO Dealer. (San Francisco and Las Vegas)
- The truck is avaliable for quick jobs and it’s standalone.
- All of the skin templates are in the mod file (.scs file).
- You don’t need to sell your truck to use v1.3, just add the missing parts.
- If you have FPS problems, don’t use chrome parts much.

• Version 1.3:
- Added 3 more front bumper variations.
- Added a heavy duty bumper with bullbar (4 trim variations and with slots)
- Added 4 hood statues (Tiger, Eagle, Jet, Horn)
- Added 5th wheel covers (Chrome, Paint, Plastic)
- Added yellow tint to the headlight glass as an option.
- Added 3 sideskirt variant with big tanks (Chrome, painted trims, full paint)
- Added 3 new sunshields (Fits perfectly.)
- Added 3 new doorhandles (Paint, chrome, plastic)
- Added front grill variations (Paint, chrome, plastic)
- Mudflap Hangers have 3 variations. (Paint, chrome, plastic)
- Added 4 new HD mudflaps.
- Roof and side windows have variations now. (Glass, paint/skinnable, plastic)
- Added paint/skinnable variant for side and front trims.
- Added 3 more roof grills with more slots. (One of them with a new lightbox)
- Other sidelights, hand bars, Volvo logo under the doors and plastic things on the truck
are now removable and you can add them in 8 variations.
- Added Air intake grill variations (Paint, plastic, chrome)
- Added chrome headlight fender guard and side headlight trim as an accessory.
- Front grill logo is now selectable (No logo, modern logo, old logo)
- Added 3 material variations for front grill and added 2 custom-made grills (Skinnable, chrome, plastic)
- Added a headache rack.
- Added new double full fenders (Chrome, paint)
- Added a bright chrome variant of half fender.
- Cab aerokit/back cab spoiler has variations now (Chrome, paint, plastic, no spoiler)
- Added D16G750 engine
- Added a new interior variant (Unique)
- Interior cabin reworked completely (Both 3d meshes and textures)Seats, small windows, gear stick, pedals etc.
- External interior renewed completely and thank you to AlexeyP for his HD texture file (Reworked by me).
- Added 2 new sets of tail lights.
- You can go everywhere in the cabin with the new camera.
- Added low-beam indicator to the dashboard.
- Fixed wiper animation on external view!
- Weird shadow on the truckpaint are now gone!
- Fixed oil psi(Thanks to herrmant) and adblue revometer.
- Fixed missing parts and shinny paint on the quick job trucks.
- Volvo dealers added to the game.
- Truck skin template updated.
- Polygon count of the truck model reduced by 10% again, compared to v1.2.
- The interior cabin polygon count reduced by 50% compared to v1.2
- Fixed visible flares when you selected other sunshields.
- All of the mirrors fixed, you can adjust them properly now.

• Version 1.2:
- Half Fenders (Standart, Chrome and Skinnable/Paint)
- Side Mirrors (Chrome, Paint, Plastic)
- Main Mirrors (Chrome, Plastic, Skinnable/Paint)
- Seperated left/right Bonnet Mirrors(3 types)
- Bug Shields (Chrome, Glass, Plastic/Skinnable)
- Headlights (Chrome, Plastic, Skinnable/Paint)
- Windows Decals (Windshield and side windows)
- Bottomgrill and sidebar (Paint, Chrome, Without bar)
- Slots on rear bumper (4 variations, old reverse and combo lights added as an accessory)
- A roofgrill without the bar (25+ slots)
- Sideskirts(Long, short with tanks and with chrome stripes)
- Back cab slots
- Front Bumpers (With/without fog lights and plastic/chrome stripe)
- Front/Back Licence Plate Holders (Light/Nolight and WOT/Custom variants)
- Added 4 new standalone interior with reworked materials.
- The dashboard is real HD now, every tiny piece on the dashboard texture
made from scratch.
- Added some missing indicators.
- Reflection of the dashboard glass reduced, thanks to Smarty.
- Dynafleet and tachometer buttons and screens have backlights now.
- Added new sounds of Volvo, Caterpillar, (even if the Volvo don't have a Cat engine, the sound is nice), Paccar, and Cummins N14 by Kriechbaum.
- Edited gear boxes and engines with proper and realistics values and prices by Kriechbaum.
- Added new d13 and d16 engines with stock sounds from VNL780, thanks to Nado.
- Made the revometer accurate (rpms) by Kriechbaum, thanks.
- 3 new lowered chassis with proper collisions and shadows.
- Fixed overall collisions.
- Reworked front grill logo.
- All flares and lightmasks fixed/reworked.
- Added interior cabin light (Press "O")
- Added VNL670 sidelight as an accessory, so you can use it on other slots.
- Added some more accessories from ohaha's mods, thanks.
-Trailer hook point lowered a bit, again.
- Proper workshop icons(Thanks to ETS2Studio) and interior views of accessories.
- A lot of mesh, texture, def fixed.
- Reworked templates.

• Version 1.1:
- It's converted from Martinezio's v1.24, so it has all additional stuffs of v1.24,
- Polygon count of the truck model decreased by 60%, there is no more yellow error log and
you will have more FPS,
- Added US style backbumper with skinnable mudflaps (template included),
- Added some accessories,
- Reflection reduced compared to ETS 2 version,
- Front mudflaps added from Volvo FH2013 (ohaha), thanks ohaha.
- Some model, flare, def, material, hook point, shadow corrections have made

Credits: Aradeth, Martinezio, Ventyres, ZilpZalp, Nordisch, cZak, Samson, Scania124L, loogie, kamaz, Snekko, TruckManiac, Malcom37, Peerke 145, vovangt4 ,AU44, None, Big Bob, AlexeyP, ohaha, Nado, Kriechbaum, SCS
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