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Volkswagen Motorsport R - Myteam Livery

Volkswagen Motorsport R - Myteam Livery 2.0

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Amazing job start second season with this fire team
I have a Golf so its a passion for this brand
Love it!
amazing job mate especially for me as a german XD
Looks very very nice, the colours would perfectly fit for a BMW Version - Would that be possible? :)
habs installiert bekommen, aber jetzt geht der online modus nicht mehr wegen cheating
I tried to install it by copying it but i don't find it in the game. Can someone help me ?
can you make a version where it does not replace the Racenet livery ? because it does not let me unlock the livery even when i am logged in at racenet.... and most of us dont know how to do the manual ERP install, but yeah its a really awesome livery dude well done !
Very nice work!
amaizing work !!
Looks stunning! Amazing work!
Amazing livery, hope soon you can update it with a helmet. Actually it's the best in my opinion on skins!

Best Livery until Now...
Make a helmet for this command!!!!!!
how btw do you guys get the photo mode to take outstanding pics like that btw? ive got good ones obvs using the f stop, shutter speed and everything but they don't come out as good as those ones there
Henky SA
Henky SA
try super resolution, then scale it down if you wish
Looks Incredible!
Nice Livery i hope u make a helmet and add simulator texture
Comprehensive and perfect.
good job mate well done
Great work, thanks for the update.

Your work is greatly appreciated. <3
Pretty nice!
Brilliant! awesome work dude
Amazing livery! Very unique design and looks great.
It looks amazing, and I know its got to be me doing something wrong, but the livery looks all pixely and low rez. I copy-pasted the files folder by folder, but I imagine im going to have to get that ego engine file editor thing and try it again properly.