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Volkswagen Golf IV Kit Car (Mark Higgins-Pirelli International Rally 1999) 0.9

The 1999 Volkswagen's British Rally Championship contender in SEAT skin.

  1. AyrtJ97
    Car: Volkswagen Golf IV Kit Car
    Numberplate: H VW 153
    Driver: Mark Higgins
    Codriver: Bryan Thomas
    Team: SBG Sport - Volkswagen Motorsport UK
    Starting number: #3
    Event: 24th Pirelli International Rally 1999
    Position: 3rd

    Here is my first take on Codemasters' Kit Car category. Had to take some licenses in order to fit sponsors (or not fitting them at all). Will try to improve it.

    Hope you like it guys!

    20190912205606_1.jpg 20190912205621_1.jpg 20190912205710_1.jpg 20190912205718_1.jpg 20190912205752_1.jpg 20190912205834_1.jpg

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