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Vocals : Talk to your pitcrew & engineer 17/07 23:00

Voice Recognition profile to talk to your engineer

  1. Willcani
    Here is a free (and opensource) alternative for those who don't want to wait for an update to talk to the engineer.

    The software is called Vocals : Download Vocals

    Install instructions :
    - Put the "vocals.exe" in a new folder named "Vocals"
    - Run the .exe to generate the option and profile files and quit
    - Download this mod, extract the "profiles_xml" you want ("Engineer only" or "Engineer+Vehicle" commands). Put it in your "Vocals" folder, and replace the default one

    Using Vocals :
    - You have to select manually your profile : practice, quali or race
    - Select the application (F1 2015, use # to refresh)
    - You must keep the ingame default keys for quick menu navigation (1,2,3,4)
    - You have to hold the ingame push-to-talk key (which makes appear the menu on the right), except for tyres, aero, fuel & brake modifications (it is made through the left menu)
    - Vocals use the Windows voice recognition engine, it is recommended to train it : Train Windows to recognize my voice

    NB :
    - If you want to edit the profiles it is faster to directly edit the profile_xml.vc
    - If you want to edit the software itself (in C#) you can make a fork on github
    It is now mainly used for Elite : Dangerous, but it can do the job perfectly on F1 2015


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Recent Reviews

  1. Lorenz8
    Version: 17/07 23:00
    Great work
  2. acerees
    Version: 17/07 23:00
    Excellent mod and great idea I have added loads of commands and made this more user friendly by removing the need to hold push to talk. I am trying to get your authorisation to share your mod with my updates so contact me ASAP so that everyone can benefit!
  3. Sneepe
    Version: 14/02 20:05
    Works great as long as I hold down the push-to-talk button until the command is done. Thank you so much. I use it thoughout the race weekend. cheers :)
    1. Willcani
      Author's Response
      You are very welcome. =D
  4. destinationriver
    Version: 14/02 20:05
    Works great, but it would be coo, if you may add the commands for changing the fuel mix. I've done that manually, but wasn'y able to save it.
    1. Willcani
      Author's Response
      Hmmm, I understand, and i saw the voiceattack profile with vocal commands for fuel mix and break bias. However, I considered that those modifications are made directly on the wheel (irl), and not through the engineer.

      I'll add the feature in the next days ;)
  5. Hakka
    Version: 2015-07-14
    Works really good, but had 1 issue in practice: I said "Vehicle condition", the programm recognized it as "vehicle condition" but ingame i became "Full session update".
    1. Willcani
      Author's Response
      Hum, i made a correction, see if it works for you ?
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