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VLM Sebring 12HR - AIW Update 1.0

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Here is a new AIW file for Virtua_LM Sebring.
This is currently only for the 12hr course, possibly with the others to follow.

The cars now run about a second a lap quicker purely down to smoother racing lines and braking points.

Main changes:
Turns 3,4,5 - Tightened the apexes. Later turn in point for turn 5, smoother exit onto the straight.
Turn 7 - Removed wiggle in the braking point. Later turn in point. AI no longer touch the curbs on the exit as they used to lift off when they touch them.
Turns 8,9,10 - Smoother racing line to combine all turns. Removed a late track position change just before braking for turn 10.
Turns 14,15 - Tightened the apexes. Smoother braking points, faster mid corner speed.
Turn 16 - Tighter line on entry. AI no longer drift wide before braking point. Tightened the apex. Wider run off onto exit curb.
Turn 17 - Straightened the kink on turn in. Cars no longer throw themselves sideways on braking (mostly anyway, still not perfect).
Wider exit to carry more speed onto straight. AI no longer jab the brakes under the bridge.

Hopefully you enjoy the new AI.
Please post any issues or improvement areas you may find.
Chris jr58
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