Virtua Simulazioni Toyota GT-One TEMPLATE 2017-10-14

Template for everyones favoruite vapourware.

  1. Brownninja97

    Template for the Toyota TS020 by Virtua Simulazioni

    Original car link can be found here:

    Ok quick explanation for the layers which I may add to if you want.

    Layer 0: This is the most important part, this is your god, your AO, it makes every livery look great, its set to multiply so place it above other layers once you are finished with your skin, this will apply the AO to all layers.

    Wireframe: This wireframe is designed to assist you in the measurement and placement of your designs and sponsors. This is also your god, you have two gods now.

    Signature: Yes my surname is actually Mistry, what ever joke you are thinking of I have already heard it also yes mistryman is a great username but my brother stole it so its dead to me.

    Background: Colour this whatever you want for a flat colour for the car, the multiplied AO will provide yep you guessed it AO....

    Misc files: Just some generic files which may or may not assist you in your creation of skins for this beautiful car

    Please donate here so we can appease the sim racing overlords I added a small button in case you didnt see it.

    No you have gone too far, the donate button is up there ^^^
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Recent Reviews

  1. nico80131
    Version: 2017-10-14
    Can you give me the Le Mans 99 template? I just want to edit it
  2. ALB123
    Version: 2017-10-14
    Thanks! Maybe one day I'll have the guts to release a skin. This is going to be a huge help, of course.
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